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There are plenty of VPN providers out there nowadays, but not all of them are true anonymous VPN services. Most VPNs require filling in your personal information to use their services, even if it's just a free trial. Moreover, there are VPN providers, including some industry leaders, that are based in Five Eyes, Nine Eyes or Fourteen Eyes countries, meaning there can be strong online surveillance by governments and intelligence agencies of those countries. If such VPN providers claim they keep absolutely zero logs of users' activities, we consider this, honestly speaking, a joke and pure marketing, because it's hardly possible to run a truly zero-log and anonymous VPN in Five Eyes, Nine Eyes or Fourteen Eyes jurisdictions.

On top of that, many VPN providers have payment methods that are totally inappropriate for users who want to stay anonymous. If you pay for your VPN with PayPal or credit card, you can be sure your identity is exposed to a payment provider and can be also exposed to the VPN provider itself and probably to some third-parties as well, even if your VPN provider does not explicitly collect personal information during sign-up.

Here at Sneak VPN, we'll try to explore the available options and compile a list of truly anonymous VPN services and their downloadable software, based on the following criteria. To be more exact, we'll compile two separate lists: the first one will contain 100% anonymous VPNs, and the second one will be called "Proceed With Caution", indicating that one of our criteria is not met by these VPN providers.

100% Anonymous VPN Services

...are yet to be found by our team. Further search is in progress...

"Proceed With Caution" VPN list

This list's name suggests than one of our criteria is not met by these VPN providers. One, and no more than one.

Anonymous VPN

As you can see, Anonymous VPN has a privacy-friendly jurisdiction and allows anonymous sign-up, but you simply can't stay anonymous while paying for their service. So they don't live 100% up to their name.

UPD, June 2023. Nothing changed in terms of payment options, they are still unwilling to accept cryptocurrencies.

Anonymous VPN downloads: Windows, Android.


One exceptionally good thing about Mullvad is their truly anonymous sign-up feature, namely numbered accounts. You don't have to give away any personal information, even your email address! You just receive an account number - and that's it! But... we still could not place Mullvad into our "100% Anonymous" list - because of their jurisdiction. Sweden is a member of Fourteen Eyes alliance. Some experts believe you're still safe if you pay for your Mullvad subscription in Bitcoin - but you should remember that Bitcoin itself is traceable and not 100% anonymous, unless you always (!) use a good VPN for every (!) Bitcoin transaction and strictly follow some more privacy guidelines related to cryptocurrency usage.

Mullvad downloads for Windows and other platforms can be found here.


AirVPN does allow anonymous sign-ups, you can even use a random string of characters instead of your real email address. This VPN provider uses strong encryption and allows connecting to VPN servers via OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. According to reviews, AirVPN has strong protection against DNS and WebRTC leaks of IP address, which is an important feature for a modern anonymous VPN. However, they are based in Italy, a Fourteen Eyes alliance member.

AirVPN downloads for various platforms can be found here.